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Air Cannon

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Air Cannon features a series of stories by 90s-born author Wang Zhanhei. The book is a collection of eight short stories that depict life in older neighborhoods in all of their mundane glory. By storytelling around the trials and tribulations of the common folks, Wang offers readers a uniquely intimate perspective into life in modern China.

From hazy childhood memories of nongtang alleys to sights of the recently constructed inner-city spaces that feel both new and old at the same time, Wang’s writing examines the working class and the unique communities they’ve formed. Her stories are detailed and objective, written with a sense of authenticity. Like short films, her prose is simple but riveting. For a 90s-born author, the outlook with which she observes the world’s mundanities is something extraordinary.



  • Year of Publication: 2018
  • Language: Chinese
  • Pages: 183

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