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At the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns, we learned that what we once thought were nuisances are actually affirmations of life. This absence prompted artist Nini Sum of Shanghai-based print atelier IdleBeats to release Snapshot, a series of eight silkscreen prints that pay homage to China’s most populous city.

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Product Details:


  • 纸张尺⼨: 40 x 50 厘米
  • 15 ⾊⼿⼯丝⽹版画
  • 艺术家签名并签署限量版号

《熊猫理发店 (第⼆版)》

  • 纸张尺⼨:  70 x 100厘米
  • 4 ⾊⼿⼯丝⽹版画
  • 艺术家签名并签署限量版号

《出租车司机 (第⼆版)》

  • 纸张尺⼨:  70 x 100厘米
  • 5 ⾊⼿⼯丝⽹版画
  • 艺术家签名并签署限量版号

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