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"DREAMS OF FLYING" by Veiray, limited edition of 100

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"Unlike today's generation, kids that grew up in the 1980's didn't have a lot of ways to learn about the universe. No one showed us high-resolution images or video documentaries of the stars and galaxies, all we could do was read books and use our imaginations. What was out there? Were there martians, aliens, and robots? We were so curious, all we wanted to do was fly up and explore outer space."

Veiray Zhang is a Shanghai-based illustrator, digital designer, and art director. Born in 1984, he loves to reminisce about his early years, drawing inspiration from the toys, playgrounds, and alleyways of a Shanghai that exists only in memory.

  • Size: 42 cm x 58.5 cm (16.5" x 23")
  • Limited-edition of 100, exclusive to Neocha Shop 
  • Printed on Epson Matte Fine Art Paper

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