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"Kind Words, Pure Flowers" by Sally Zou

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"This 'chengyu' or traditional Chinese idiom captures the meaning that if you say something good, it's as if a lotus flower will emerge from your mouth, while if you say something bad, a snake will emerge. This piece tries to embrace this idiom and encourage people to say good things in life."
"Chairman Mao's Spittoon" is part of the Chengyu Collection, a set of prints based on Chinese "chengyu" or four character Chinese idioms. This piece is the typography interpretation of the chengyu, link here for the visual interpretation.
Sally Zou is Shanghai-based designer and a founder of MOMOROBO, a collective of 3 creatives who “run on Xiaolongbao and Hainanese chicken rice.” As a rising star of the Shanghai creative scene, Sally was selected by by Yen magazine–Australia’s no.1 independent magazine for women–as one of the top 100 female artists in 2009 and 2012.
Art print available in 3 sizes
  • Printed on archival, acid-free canvas
  • Limited editions of 100 

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