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"REN 'ER" (人爾) by Honghua, limited edition of 100

Sold out.

"The Chinese character 你 (meaning you, pronounced ni) can be broken down into fragments, consisting of the characters 人 (meaning human, pronounced ren) and 尔 (another form of you, pronounced er). Likewise, identity exists in fragments, with the 'I' consisting of a kaleidoscope of selves, as we choose which self we want to face the world."
Honghua is a Nanjing-based artist whose distinctive style embodies a strong comic book vibe and is further defined by vibrant colors and fantastic character design. Her predominantly female characters are always seductive and intriguing, but her work is recently following a trend toward harlequinesque depictions, with extravagant outfits, and mirrored / kaleidoskopic imagery. 
  • Size: 42 cm x 45 cm (16.5" x 17.5")
  • Limited-edition of 100, exclusive to Neocha Shop 
  • Printed on Epson Matte Fine Art Paper

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