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"Robot Designer" by Wang2Mu

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"Last year, as I prepared to go on vacation, I would listen to my old friends and classmates complain about how tired they were from working in their design agencies. Endless nights of overtime, reviews, and revisions. Some people were coughing up blood, others developed hemmheroids, many felt like dying. The only downside was that they didn't die. That's where the idea of 'Your Mother Brand hygienic products' came from. The brand for all of your work- and stress-related health afflictions."

Has your job turned you into a robot? In order to keep that machine running, try Your Mother brand blister relief cream! Simple to use, in only four easy steps! 

Wang2Mu is a Guangzhou-based illustrator known for his signature ballpoint pen style. Using only the colors red and blue, Wang2Mu commonly explores themes of childhood nostalgia, as well as Guangzhou's domestic culture.

Art Print available in 3 sizes
  • Printed on archival, acid-free canvas
  • Limited editions of 100 

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