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Sour Strawberries

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Sour Strawberries is a limited-edition photo book featuring images by photographer Li Zhipeng (a.k.a No. 223) and words by novelist Michel Costagutto. The book's text has been scrambled into colored blocks while the photos have been censored with a pixelated filter. Readers are given the choice to slice open the book's uncut pages to access the uncensored content. For a less destructive approach, Costagutto's encoded text can also be decrypted with a code sheet that comes with the book.

Visit our magazine to learn more about No. 223.


Product Details:

  • Year of Publication: 2018
  • Language: English & French
  • Edition Size: 600
  • Number of Pages: 132
  • Dimensions: 21cm x 26.5cm
  • Autographed C-Print
  • Uncut Pages

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