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"THE END OF MAINLAND” (大陆之尽头) photography book from Birdhead

Birdhead is the collective name for the rambunctious Shanghai-based photography duo of Song Tao and Ji Weiyu. Both graduated from the Shanghai Arts and Crafts College, Ji Weiyu went on to finish a Master’s degree at the Saint Martins School for the Arts, while Song Tao continued his life in Shanghai.
To date, Bird Head has released two photography albums: “Xincun,” and “The End of Mainland.” “The End of Mainland” was finished in 2010, and captures the city of Shanghai. The duo explores the city that they grew up in and their relationship with this particular place. “The End of Mainland” holds many familiar sites and scenes for those with a connection to Shanghai, while giving a voyeuristic glimpse into the lives of Birdhead and their friends. Much like the duo’s boisterous and humorous personality, the book never loses its a sense of humor, as the two photographers capture both the ordinary and extraordinary.

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