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“XINCUN” (新村) photography book from Birdhead

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From Shanghai’s celebrated and rambunctious photography duo – Birdhead – comes the book “Xincun.” Shot throughout 2006 in Shanghai, the book is a compilation of photography divided into the four seasons, revealing a unique look of the xincun in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

A literal translation of xincun is “new estate,” but the word encourages the reader to find the real meaning behind this relatively new concept in China. With the boom in private housing construction over the past 20 years, many Shanghainese residents have moved into innumerable xincun developments throughout / around the city. Birdhead captures the people, architectures, and scenes from daily life in the xincun they grew up in, while also commenting on the destruction of many xincuns in the lead-up to Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo.

Xincun is published by 310 publishing, an indie publishing house named after the “310″used as the first three digits on all Shanghainese ID / resident cards.

There are just over 400 editions of this big, beautiful book available for sale.

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